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Stow Associates are skilled at assembling the ingredients for successful development and following through to produce successful outcomes. Our aim is not just to meet our clients expectations but to exceed them and to provide our clients with unexpected benefits.

Development and construction have changed out of all recognition in the past 30 years. The public's use of land and property is different and constantly changing, and clients who invest in and develop land and property have to keep more than one eye on tomorrow's market. The expanding European Union, the internet, terrorism, are just some of the factors that affect the demand for and use of property. In construction, there are more ways of procuring works than ever before, a bewildering array of forms of contract, ever increasing legislation, and sustainability has rightly emerged as a yardstick against which all development should be judged.

Stow Associates are constantly alive to these trends and seek to be our client's principal advisor and to work with them closely and lead them to their goals. We work in all industry sectors and throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. We are committed to reaping the benefits of information technology and, if we have a specialism, it is our experience of and commitment to sustainability - hey, we were doing it 10 years before it became mainstream!

Stow Associates is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Registered number: 6604340
Registered office: 1st Floor, 11 Church Street, Melksham, Wiltshire SN12 6LS
Tel: +44 (0)1249 461991