Stow Associates offer a range of services, all focused on enabling clients to maximise the return on their development budgets:-
  • Strategic Development Consultancy. We can provide strategic advice on a range of development issues such as investigating and reporting on the relative merits and costs of developing a number of alternative sites.
  • Project Management. We can manage your project from cradle to grave including managment of all stakeholders and consultants, with the overarching objective of producing the right project, at the right price, and at the right time.
  • Construction Cost Management/ Quantity Surveying. We will put a 'financial noose' around your project, gradually tightening it, with the object of ensuring that cost levels and drivers are known and appreciated by all early in the design process, that these costs are refined as the detailed design is completed, and that a lid is kept on costs during construction.
  • Employer's Agent. The role we adopt if your project proceeds via design and build.
  • Value Engineering. A 'what if' cost/value analysis of your project, in part or in whole, designed to improve the return on cost. Can be incorporated with other services or can be a separate 'troubleshooting' appointment should circumstances warrant.
  • Construction Contracts Consultancy. Advice on the merits of different forms of contract, and drafting amendments to same.
  • Contract Administration. The process of managing the construction process under traditional forms of contract.
  • Procurement Audit. An examination, in part or in whole, of the procurement methods used or proposed for either a single project or as a strategy for a number of projects, with the objective of improving the return on cost.
  • Dispute Resolution. Advice and services provided to one of the parties to a construction contract, in the event of a dispute arising. This can include forensic accounting, claims preparation or defence, and adjudication or mediation services.
  • Expert Witness. Providing expert advice on quantum and cost in respect of projects which are proceeding to arbitration or litigation.
  • Regulated Procurement Management. We have a deep understanding of the EU public procurement directives, and can advise on and run efficient regulated public procurement processes that produce economically advantageous outcomes and minimise the risk of challenges.
  • Capital Allowances. Cost/benefit advice in respect of incorporating various features that qualify for capital allowances and enhanced capital allowances under UK legislation.
  • Bespoke Database Solutions. We have inhouse skills to write bespoke web based software that enables clients, stakeholders, consultants, and contractors, to jointly improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of managing various types of project, such as measured term contracts and prime cost or actual cost based contracts. These skills are also taking us outside of construction and into other industries.
  • 'Shadow' Development. We are entreprenurial to the extent that we identify development sites, appraise their development potential, commission scheme designs, identify end user interest, and introduce a suitable developer or a bespoke development vehicle to take the project forward.
  • Specialist Services. These include peripheral but nevertheless important services such as sustainability advice (including investigating and reporting the cost of achieving various BREEAM standards), preparing Waste Management Plans etc.

Stow Associates is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Registered number: 6604340
Registered office: 1st Floor, 11 Church Street, Melksham, Wiltshire SN12 6LS
Tel: +44 (0)1249 461991